High and new technology enterprises

Honest culture

The integrity of the swell as solid as rocks. 斯威尔视诚信为精神圭臬,在山东省民营企业中首推《失信赔偿制度》,在企业内积极构建诚信体系,把诚信纳入企业制度,与员工签订诚信协议,建立员工诚信守则和职业信誉档案,在官网设立诚信曝光台等,倡导建立产业链的诚信生态圈。 As for the integrity of the spirit of the standard swyre, the first "compensation system" in the credit of private enterprises in Shandong Province, and actively build the credit system in the enterprise, the enterprise credit into the system, the integrity of signed agreements with employees, establish employee honesty and credibility of the file occupation in the official website, set up credit exposure table, advocating the establishment of industrial ecosystem integrity chain.