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    Silicon nitride ceramics

    Silicon nitride ceramics


    Silicon nitride ceramics with high strength, high temperature resistance, the mechanical properties of the best in ceramic material, thermal shock resistance, oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance, good corrosion resistance, is the first candidate material for ceramic engine component. In the machinery industry, silicon nitride ceramic ball bearing, roller, ball seat,. Die, ceramic cutting tools, pump plunger, a sealing material.


    In the chemical industry, silicon nitride ceramics are used as wear resistant and corrosion resistant components, such as ball valve, pump body, carburetor, filter and so on


    In the metallurgical industry, the silicon nitride ceramics of high temperature resistance, low friction coefficient, with self lubrication. For most metal, alloy solution is stable, so the tool can be made of metal material processing, such as the dial Kan mandrel, extrusion, wire drawing die, roll, roller, heating body clamp, thermocouple set camp the heat treatment of metal, support, crucible, liquid aluminum guide camp, aluminum clad lining etc..



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