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    Alumina Ceramics

    By using high purity Alumina powder as raw material, through the process of raw materials processing, fine grinding, batching, sspanp making, cast forming, trimming and firing. It has high density, high hardness, lower wear appearance regular good impact resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.
    Special features:

      Abrasion resistant, anti-erosion and durable. Withstand high temperature of up to 1600℃. Water absorption<0.2% Specific gravity: 3.7 – 3.9 gram/cm3.

           We can produce different products based on the requests of customers, so as to meet different demands.

    • Inclined head tube

      Inclined head tube

    • Ceramic kiln

      Ceramic kiln

    • Ceramic streak tube

      Ceramic streak tube

    • Ceramic bolt

      Ceramic bolt

    • Ceramic insulator

      Ceramic insulator

    • Ceramic tube

      Ceramic tube

    • Ceramic crucible

      Ceramic crucible

    • Ceramic protection head

      Ceramic protection head

    • Ball milling tank 2

      Ball milling tank 2

    • Ball milling tank 1

      Ball milling tank 1

    • Valve head

      Valve head

    • Guide vane

      Guide vane

    • Ceramic tube with flange

      Ceramic tube with flange

    • The semicircle groove ceramic

      The semicircle groove ceramic